Group Health Benefits in Ontario

Are you looking for a group benefits package for your employees? At Condotta Merrett Insurance, we can guide you to plans that make sense for your company. Along with pairing you with great products from leading carriers, our knowledgeable staff will provide the consulting service you need to answer all of your questions. Please contact us for more information about group health benefits.

Reasons to Provide Group Health Benefits

Building any competitive business starts with your employees. Below, we have listed 10 reasons why health benefits will help your business remain strong.

1. Create a competitive edge in the job market
2. Create a cost-effective method of providing employees with coverage for medical and dental bills – thus protecting your employees and their families
3. Create a tax-deductible business expense
4. Build morale and enthusiasm among employees by demonstrating concern for their well-being
5. Provide financial protecti
on for your employees and their families

6. Provide a tax-effective form of compensation to your employees
7. Help employees alleviate the added burden of government cost-shifting
8. Address the special needs of some employees
9. Gain access to services like counselling referral programs, helping employees deal with issues stemming from work or home

10. Gain peace of mind knowing that you, your employees and their families are in good care

Benefits Consulting

Condotta Merrett Insurance will provide the expert guidance you need, covering the following:

  • Risk management
  • Cost containment solutions
  • Report analysis
  • Renewal analysis
  • Wellness alternatives
  • Legislation changes and updates
  • Proactive service platform

Group Home & Auto Insurance

Condotta Merrett Insurance offers a unique program to employers who have at least 250 employees and retirees. We can provide a major discount to employees and retirees with group home and auto insurance coverage. If an employer has over 500 employees, the discount can be even greater. These programs do not require the employer to make a contribution to the plan - other than helping to promote it. It is a great way to say thank you to your employees while adding an incentive to be more productive. Our skilled staff will take care of the promotional materials and set up meetings to explain the program while also writing and issuing the policies.

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