Flexibility in Group Life

Flexibility in Group Life and Health Benefits

By: Peter Bagnulo, Manager, Life and Employee Benefits

In today’s challenging environment, pricing increases to your group life and health benefit plan can have a significant impact on the bottom line and on the business. Business owners are more focused than ever on cost control and sustainability.

Did you know that group life and health benefit plans have more flexible options than ever?

  • You can choose the coverage you desire
  • You only pay for the employee usage
  • You can track where your dollars are being spent
  • Unused funds will be refunded to the plan sponsor
  • Self-insure the predictable expenses and insure the rest
  • Renewal process is fair and transparent
A flexible group life and health benefit plan will allow you to plan for predictable healthcare and insure the unexpected costs. You can customize the coverage that best suits the needs for you and your employees. This means more control for you and valuable coverage for your employees.

Saving money is just as valuable as earning it! Your business is unique! Why not have a group life and health benefit plan that is designed specifically for your needs. Contact me today to learn more about preferred group life and health benefit practices and business tax saving strategies. We provide benefit consulting with the expert guidance you need in Risk Management, Cost Containment Solutions, Report Analysis, Wellness Alternatives, Legislation Changes, and Proactive Service Platforms.

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